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Phase IV Wireless High Temperature Sensor Two K-Type Thermocouples – Leap Sensors

$ 465.00

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This Leap wireless sensor has two standard mini thermocouple connectors that can connect to any K-type thermocouple.

Because thermocouples can be used over a wide temperature range and thermocouples come in a huge range of probe types, this sensor addresses many harsh industrial applications.


Thermocouple Electronics Specification

  • Electronics reads from -210C to 1800C*.
  • Resolution is 19-bit or 0.0078125C.
  • Electronics accuracy is +/-0.15%*.

*Overall accuracy is a combination of the electronics and the thermocouple that is used. See more information below.

Thermocouple Sensor Specifications

  • Connect 2 K-type thermocouples using standard Omega miniature flat pin connectors. (See photos.)
    • Connectors come with protective rubber boot.
  • Sensors come with basic insulated thermocouples similar to the Omega 5TC series.
  • Select your own thermocouple from a huge variety of options. See thermocouple options from Omega.
  • Thermocouples have different temperature ratings – but different versions can operate in the range of –454 to 2,300F (–270 to 1260C).
    • The Leap Sensor transmitter module (electronics, enclosure, and battery) can operate up to 85C, or 120C by special order.
    • Electronics set for thermocouple range of -210C to 1800C (-325F to 3250)F.
  • Standard Type K Accuracy – see accuracy details on Omega Thermocouple web site.
    • Leap Sensor Thermocouples are compensated for non-linear thermocouple characteristics at cold temperatures – to ensure accurate readings at cold temperatures.
  • Cold junction compensation is on the Leap Sensor circuit board.


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