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Rosemount 3311 I/P Transducer

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The Rosemount 3311 electro-pneumatic transducer is rugged, field-mountable transducer that accepts an electrical input signal and converts it to a pneumatic output signal. Typically, the 4 to 20 mA is converted to 0.2 to 1.0 bar (3 to 15 psi).

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged construction provides stable performance in vibration.
  • Large diameter nozzles, free-flow pilot stage design, and large internal pneumatic supply passages reduce the effects of contaminant buildup and erosion.
  • Increased Accuracy is achieved by monitoring any input/output deviation and corrects them.
  • Easy Maintenance‚ÄĒMajor mechanical and electrical


Rosemount 3311 Product Specification

Rosemount 3311 Maintenance Manual

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