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Phase IV Wireless Sensor Gateway – Cellular Connection – Leap Sensors

$ 949.00


Wireless gateway receives the sensor data over the air from the Leap wireless transceiver nodes, then passes the data to the Leap software.

This version connects to a local network via a cellular network.

Quick and simple install – plug in the gateway, open a web browser, log in, and the Leap Sensors system is ready to manage.


This cellular-connected Leap gateway does not require a connection to a local area network. Ideal for remote monitoring applications.

  • Connects to a cellular network.
  • Gateway power: 1 Amp wall transformer connected to the Leap gateway with a standard barrel jack
  • Web-based server user interface: See the Leap Sensors User Interface page for more detailed information.
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to 85C.

Leap Gateway Overview

  • Leap wireless sensor gateways receive the data (over the air) from the Leap wireless sensor transceiver nodes. The gateway then passes the data to user interface software. Each gateway can support 250 sensors.
  • For web-based user interface software: the user logs into the password-protected software using any standard web browser, such as Chrome.
  • For server-based user interfaces (or cloud-based systems): the user interface is hosted on a server and the user logs into the server using a standard internet browser.
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