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For decades, Fisher Instruments has been a cornerstone of reliability and excellence in the field of industrial instrumentation. Fisher’s dedication to precision engineering and innovative solutions has established it as a trusted name across various industries. Their instruments, particularly their control valves, have been indispensable in optimizing industrial processes, ensuring efficiency, and maintaining safety standards.

At Cascade Automation, we fully appreciate the legacy of Fisher Instruments and specialize in the meticulous repair, modification, and calibration of their exceptional instruments. Our expertise in Fisher valves goes beyond mere repair; it’s about upholding and advancing the reputation of these dependable instruments. We recognize the pivotal role of Fisher control valves in the seamless functioning of industrial processes. Our team of highly skilled technicians takes excellent care to refurbish and calibrate Fisher valves, guaranteeing that they continue to operate at peak performance for an extended lifespan. With an unwavering commitment to precision and quality, Cascade Automation ensures that your Fisher instruments, especially control valves, remain steadfast in supporting modern industrial operations. Count on us to uphold the legacy of Fisher Instruments and keep your processes running smoothly, just as Fisher has for generations.

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