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For decades, Rosemount has stood as a symbol of excellence in instrumentation. Renowned for its precision and reliability, Rosemount instruments have become an industry standard for measuring and controlling critical process variables. Whether you require accurate pressure, differential pressure, level, temperature, or flow measurements, Rosemount has consistently delivered instruments that meet and exceed expectations.

At Cascade Automation, we understand the importance of reliable instrumentation in your processes. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of Rosemount instruments, including new, new surplus, and remanufactured options. Whether you require cutting-edge technology or cost-effective solutions, we can provide the right Rosemount instrument to suit your needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that every Rosemount product we offer meets the highest standards, delivering accurate and consistent results.

Partner with Cascade Automation to access the power of Rosemount’s trusted instruments and experience seamless, efficient, and precise process control. Our team of experts is here to assist you in selecting the ideal Rosemount instrument for your specific application, ensuring that your processes run smoothly and reliably. Trust in Rosemount, delivered by Cascade Automation, for precision and performance in every measurement.

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