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Foxboro 280H-SBBB-TBM-G 0.5in. CL150 Magnetic Flowmeter

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The Foxboro® brand 2800 Series Magnetic Flowtubes are used with Model IMT96 MagEXPERT Intelligent Magnetic Flow Transmitters using eX-Pulse coil excitation, Model E96 Magnetic Flow Transmitters using ac coil excitation, and Model IMT25 Magnetic Flow Transmitters using pulsed dc coil excitation. They measure the volumetric flow rate of virtually any conductive liquid.

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  • ½” (15mm) Line Size
  • 310 SST Tube Construction
  • ANSI Class 150 RF Flanged (316 SST)
  • PTFE Lining
  • Tantalum-tungsten Electrodes
  • For use with IMT96 (or E96) 120 VAC
  • High humidity/condensate housing

See attached product specification for model code selection


Foxboro 2800 Product Specification

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