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When installing and tubing instruments and control valves in the field, there are many factors that need to be considered that can distinguish a bad installation from a great one. Being a full-service instrument and control valve shop we know how to make your installations look great and more importantly work great. The following are a few examples of what you are getting when you use us for your project.

Functionality- Instruments must be located properly for optimal functionality.

Instrument Location- Appropriately located out of walk ways and at heights standard to a customer’s expectations.

Tubing Location- Tubing should look great, but it should be installed in a way that it functions properly for the application as well as be out of the way and not easily contorted or damaged.

Future Maintenance- One of the biggest oversights by installers is consideration of future maintenance.  As Instrument Technicians we always have our eye on making sure your installation is not only going to look great and function properly, but it will be setup in a way that makes the most sense for technicians that will be working on it for years to come.

Tubing Installation
Tubing Installation
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