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Why Is Preventative Maintenance Important For Control System Valves?

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important for Control System Valves?

Preventative maintenance is as important for industrial process systems as it is for any other system that needs maintenance, like a car, bicycle, or house, if not more important. For manufacturers, consistency is the key to producing quality products and maximizing profit. Slow-downs or inconsistencies at any point in the system reduce efficiency. If a valve isn’t functioning properly, even a slight slowdown in valve response time (how quickly the valve adjusts to a new position after it receives a signal) can destabilize your system and add unwanted variability. Unmaintained valves can also wear faster than well calibrated ones. Cascade Automation provides reliable calibration and maintenance for your control system instruments and valves, offering both field and shop calibration and maintenance.

Other more specific issues can arise when regular maintenance is not performed, such as deadband. When a valve doesn’t respond to a signal, the controller will send a stronger signal to correct, then valve can then respond by traveling too far (opening or closing too much), which also adds instability and reduces overall system control. This can be caused by a number of issues, such as loose connections, non-functioning positioners or controllers, and friction in the valve actuator or body. Friction can cause the biggest inconsistencies, as it often will lead to valves sticking in place more than needed, which leads to these issues of deadband and overshooting.

While preventative maintenance of your control system’s valves might seem like a hassle, it is a crucial aspect of keeping process systems functioning efficiently and cost-effectively in the long term. Well-maintained valves, actuators, and controllers will keep your system running efficiently and effectively the way you want. In addition to preventative maintenance, Cascade Automation is here to help with any other industrial process system issues you may have, including troubleshooting system issues, repairing diaphragm seals, calibrating instruments, testing valves, and more. We work with a variety of valves and instruments from Foxboro, Fisher, Rosemont and more. Our licensed journeymen technicians are here to help with whatever maintenance and calibration needs you have.

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