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We Are Proud To Announce That We Now Carry Indu-Tech Valves

We are proud to announce that we now carry Indu-Tech Valves

We are happy to announce we are now working with Indu-Tech to provide the best level transmitter isolation valves in the industry. Next time you need a new level transmitter, think about changing out that old, oversized gate valve that is hard to turn and doesn’t quite close off all the way. As a contractor in the Northwest for over 35 years, we have seen and relied on a lot of isolation valves. Quite often we spend time and energy trying to get the valve closed for calibration or replacement of the level transmitter only to find that the valve doesn’t fully close anymore and in a lot of processes this can be a head ache if not very dangerous.  When you are in the business of calibrating or changing out level transmitters, you don’t want to have to doubt the process isolation.

This is why we wanted to partner with Indu-Tech. Anytime we see Indu-Tech Valves on a transmitter we have to remove or calibrate, we have confidence it is going to work and we don’t have to find a special wrench to get it closed.  We have been recommending these to our customers for many years and we are hoping to be able to provide them to our customers for many years to come.



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