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Trueline Knife Valve 16″ 150# w/ Actuator

$ 5,850.00


All Trueline Knife Gate valves are built and tested in accordance with MSS-SP81 and TAPPI T1S 405-8 specifications. All metal-seated valves meet or exceed seat test requirements. These valves are specialized for service in the pulp/paper and municipal industries.  Stainless steel stanchions precisely machined for alignment and ease of field retrofit from manual to automated.

New Surplus with slight weathering, never before been in service.


  • 16″ CL 150
  • Two way HT65 Gate
  • Body = CF8M Stainless Steel
  • Actuator = PAPG9NX3CS-17


Trueline Knife Gate Specifications

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Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 40 × 27 in
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