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Neles Ball Valve 6in Class 150 M2CA06AP

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Metso’s Neles modular ball valve series offers optimized performance of pulp and paper applications. Series M, incorporates Metso’s leading pulp and paper application know-how in valve technology. Several decade experience of Metso has fine tuned this product to deliver P&P customers easy product selection with industry leading performance. Valve series include seat supported trunnion mounted ball valve designs covering seat types, size ranges and material options offering comprehensive coverage for most pulp and paper application needs. Valve delivers excellent tightness for shutoff as well as delivering good control performance for pulp and paper applications. Optimized modularity can be used as an advantage to cut down costs via reduced spare part inventory and product suitability for wide scope of process applications.

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  • 6″ CL 150
  • Seat = Stainless Steel + Cobalt based hard facing
  • Body = CF8M Stainless Steel


M Series Product Specifications

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Additional information

Weight 271 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 37 × 21 in
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