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Remanufactured Positioners In Stock And Ready To Ship

Remanufactured positioners in stock and ready to ship

Remanufactured products are a staple of our company and we pride ourselves in knowing that our products will be functioning effectively and efficiently for years to come, whether new or remanufactured. We have a variety of remanufactured positioners currently available from Fisher, Neles, and PMV ready to ship anywhere in the US.

We take pride in our remanufacturing processes, and believe that purchasing and using remanufactured instruments benefits the customer as well. Remanufactured parts can cost as little as 40% of the new list pricing. Remanufacturing also keeps more refuse out of landfills, making our instruments an eco-friendly and sustainable option, and we provide a 2 year warranty on all remanufactured instruments and valves. All our remanufactured instruments and valves are completely disassembled, cleaned and refurbished, then precisely calibrated and stress tested to ensure they meet or exceed manufacturer’s guidelines for performance.

See what’s in stock today.

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