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  • All major brands and types of instrumentation
  • Many unique, discontinued and hard to find
    items available
  • Pneumatic and electronic instruments
  • Staffed by licensed journeyman technicians
  • NIST traceable calibrations

Diaphragm Seal Service

Cascade Automation is the expert in diaphragm seal
repair. We have the expertise to provide complete
remote seal service including:
  • Diaphragm material change
  • Type/Style change
  • Capillary length modifications
  • Fill fluid modifications
  • Custom build filled systems

Cascade Automation is proud to be recognized as the Foxboro Authorized
Service Provider in the Western United States.

Cascade Automation Inc. provides products and services related to the industrial process control industry. We are an independent facility that has the capability to repair, modify, calibrate and install control valves, instrumentation, and related tubing application. We also fabricate control panels, provide shutdown assistance, and have the ability to customize control loops to customer specification. Our technicians are well versed in servicing, remanufacturing, and fine-tuning all major brands of control valves and instrumentation. We are a licensed instrumentation contractor with practical field experience in all aspects of process control.